Mint Chocolate Chill Balls

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Mint Chocolate Chill Balls

Oh December… how did you creep up on me again? When I think of December, two things come to mind: indulgences and busy-ness. The many Christmas gatherings, the decadent foods be eaten more regularly, and more days of tempation than any other month. As we get invited to the parties, I often try and bring a dish that I know I can eat without blinking. I’ve come to terms and feel grounded in attending parties knowing that I can’t eat all the foods, since gluten and my stomach are not friends. I seem to get by ok for appetizers and the main courses, but its the desserts that kill me. I have a sweet tooth and desserts are often where I struggle, so I created a dessert that I know that I can eat as a gluten sensitive person, and is tasty enough for everyone to enjoy. Enter my Mint Chocolate Chill Balls – my take on a bliss ball.

I love making this treat because it takes MINUTES to prepare, it’s rich in flavour so you feel satisfied with one bite (well…maybe three), and it’s loaded with ingredients that are known to help you relax, hence the name ‘chill’ in Mint Chocolate Chill Balls. These two key ingredients that help manage this busy-ness include:

Raw Cacao – this is essentially the raw version of chocolate, before it gets processed and loaded with sugar and other synthetic substances that lesser-quality chocolate contains. It has a natural bitter taste to it and is rich in flavour. Raw cacao is loaded with magnesium, which is known as the anti-stress mineral. The U.S. Department of Agriculture research shows that over half of Americans do not get enough magnesium in their foods on a daily basis due to the high amount of processed foods and poor soil quality today, it is one mineral that majority of us are lacking. Magnesium calms the nerve cells and supports the adrenals.

Maca – This superfood is grown in Peru, and is a root vegetable that’s starting to gain its popularity due to its adaptogenic nature. An adaptogen is known to help the body adapt to stress, and according to Dr. Axe, ‘they help balance, restore, and protect the body’. Maca helps increase energy and reduce anxiety and stress, depending on what your body needs. It also has been known to help with hormone balancing, sperm production and mobility, and boosts fertility.

Do yourself a favour, treat yourself to this delicious treat for your mind and body!


1/2 cup of almonds
1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds
1 cup of pitted medjool dates
4 Tbsp raw cacao
1 Tbsp maca
2/3 cup shredded coconut
1 tsp peppermint extract
2 Tbsp coconut milk (or any non-dairy milk)
small pinch of salt
optional: additional shredded coconut for coating the bites


1. Take the almonds and pumpkin seeds and place them into your food processor, and blend until they are evenly chopped.
2. Add the dates, and blend again until the dates are broken down
3. Add: raw cacao, maca, shredded coconut, the coconut milk, pinch of salt and peppermint extract. Blend well.
4. Take a spoonful and try rolling a ball in your hands. If the mix comes apart, add a touch more coconut milk until you reach a texture that allows you to roll the mixture into balls easily.
5. Roll mixture into 1” balls.
6. Refrigerate and enjoy!

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