Kickstart Morning Tonic

Kickstart Morning Tonic

Spring is here! It’s finally brighter past 5pm, and it’s a whole lot warmer. I’m THRILLED! I live for the sun, and feed off of brightness and warmth. It’s time to let go of the insulation and comfort from the previous season, and do a little spring cleaning, starting from the inside and out. I try and sync up with Mother Nature, from the seasonal foods that I eat, and the timing of when I will cleanse.

When doing a cleanse, timing is everything. The reason for this is that a detox can be intrusive on the body, and you want to be considerate of the environment around you to cause less strain on your body. Since your body is already undergoing adjustments to the temperature changes of Spring, our bodies can be more receptive to changes such as a cleanse since it can adapt simultaneously. Plus – since it’s getting nicer out, it’s easier (for me anyway) to stick to making better choices for motivation to approach the thought of throwing on my summer gear, and a swimsuit!

Cleansing can mean several different things depending on what your goals are. Whether it’s juicing, food restriction plans such as the Whole 30, or even just drinking more water, now would be the time to start. With this recipe, I don’t intend to get credit on my creativity or for introducing you to something that is brand spanking new, I just wanted to keep it SIMPLE and what I think to be achievable for many of you to try. Good nutrition doesn’t have to be hard, and I believe it is an accumulation of lots of small choices that add up to good health; I hope this tonic will be one of them!

Here’s a few key ingredients in my Kickstart Morning Tonic:

Lemon – aids in digestion by stimulating the flow of saliva, meaning that more enzymes are produced to help breakdown foods, and helps with bile formation which supports the liver. It cleanses the blood, helps with colds, and has been known to help balance high blood pressure.

Ginger – similar to the lemon, it also helps stimulates digestion and helps with liver functionality. It is also known to boost circulation, helping your body cleanse through your bowels or your skin. It is anti-inflammatory, linked to helping with arthritic pain. Amongst several other benefits, it also helps with nausea.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – has been known to help with all sort of digestive challenges including indigestion, bloating, gas and even heartburn. It’s also been know to lower blood pressure, and support weight loss (makes you feel full), lowers blood sugar levels, and aids in the nutrient absorption of calcium (osteoporosis)

Yes, although it may list several benefits for illnesses that may not be applicable to you, it’s all about prevention my friends.  All 3 ingredients help with your digestion, absorption, and elimination which means that your body has a better chance of getting the goodness in food that you eat. If you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with digestion!

A couple considerations and tricks of the trade when preparing this drink:

  • drink it upon rising to help wake your system
  • buy the right kind of ACV – look for raw, unpasteurized, with the ‘mother’ still in it
  • start slow with the ACV. It can be an acquired taste with your first sip, but it gets better. Start with 1 tsp, and work your way up to 1 Tbsp. Pay attention to how your body reacts upon drinking it; if you feel warmth in your belly, decrease your dose until the burn is not uncomfortable
  • don’t be fooled with the acidity of the lemon and ACV; although they may be acidic in nature, when it is ingested in your body it turns to alkaline. Many believe that illness can’t thrive in an alkaline environment
  • use room temperature to warm; cold water will be a shock to your system, and can put out your digestive fire, which you are trying to wake up. If you use hot water, you have the chance of minimizing some of the benefits
  • anytime you drink anything acidic, drink it with a straw to protect the enamel of your teeth; otherwise, give your mouth a good rinse following this drink

What I notice when I drink this is a little more energy in my day, and a nudge in my digestive tract – daily elimination is a check point for me to asses my digestive situation. Take this drink for a whirl, and see if it causes a spring in your step!

1 tsp-1Tbsp of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 organic lemon
1/2 inch of grated ginger
1.5 cups of water (room temperature or warm)
1 tsp of honey (optional – if you use honey, use warm water)

1. Take the ginger and grind it down using a fine microplane and place it in a cup
2. Squeeze the lemon in the cup
3. Add the raw apple cider vinegar
4. Pour in your water
5. Stir, and drink away with a straw


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