Fortifying Fudge

Fortifying Fudge

I think I’m addicted to sweets…the healthy, non-processed kind that I try to have, but I’m definitely craving it way more than what I use to. I by far was more of a savoury girl…up until I got pregnant! With the pregnancy, it looks like my hormones are getting my taste buds to change, and I’m up for the ride! In doing my research for what momma needs during pregnancy there are certain foods that baby needs for development, and the intelligence of mother nature, will often take whatever is not being consumed with diet, right from momma’s body… doing whatever it takes to give baby what it needs to develop at its best. One of the things that baby may take from momma’s body is CALCIUM and IRON. Regardless of being pregnant, calcium and iron are super important for women’s health, and anemia (low iron) seems to be a common problem these days.

Calicum: Growing up, I HATED milk. I never enjoyed the taste of cow’s milk. My mom used to pour my brother and I a tall glass of milk and my brother would down the milk no problem. I on the other hand, would come up with creative ways to dispose it. I told my mom over and over again that I did not like it, but it was a non-negotiable for her, as she thought it was the absolute best for me as I needed my calcium, and it lined up with all the messaging around the importance of milk back in the day.

What I’ve learned now is that I’m glad I was disposing it! Sorry mom! As an adult, and connecting with my body and listening to how certain foods affect my body, I found that I am lactose intolerant. This means that I lack the enzyme, lactase, that helps break down the lactose within milk. If you are gas-y, bloated, or if you have acne…perhaps you and cow’s milk aren’t friends either. Aside from the fact that cow’s milk doesn’t have all the calcium it gets its praise for (50% of calcium gets depleted through the pasteurization process), plus all the other minerals and vitamins (Vitamin D, K, and Magnesium) that calcium needs in order to be absorbed, I look elsewhere for my calcium needs such as dark leafy greens, or even today’s feature ingredient: blackstrap molasses.

Iron: As for iron, when you are pregnant, your blood volume increases by 50%! That is how much more volume is needed to support the uterus and help with the dispersion of oxygen which while pregnant, you are pumping for both you and baby. Enough said. Anyone suffering from anemia in general, this is a great alternative for you to try out versus trying to eat more red meat.

When I hear the word molasses, I think of ginger snap cookies at the most. It’s a throw back ingredient that I think was more common back in the day. It is a thick syrup, that is used as a sweetener, but carries so many benefits with it:

  1. Similar to fruits and veg, the more color in it (when it’s in its natural state), the richer it is in its nutrients. This bad boy is loaded with some pretty powerful minerals including: calcium, iron, and potassium.
  2. It is warming in nature
  3. It’s known as a blood tonic (great for the meridians within the kidney, liver, lungs, spleen, and stomach)

When buying, I always make sure that it is organic, and read the labels to ensure there are no synthetic chemicals in it. I look at the color to make sure it’s dark to ensure I get the strongest flavor, highest mineral content, and least sugar. Nothing beats it in its natural form. Try this fudge-like sweet treat that is packed with minerals to help build up your body.

2 cups of nut butter*
2 Tbsp organic black strap molasses
¼ cup of coconut oil (warmed up so that its in its liquid form)

1. Warm up your coconut oil if needed.
2. Combine all ingredients, and mix well.
3. Place in a shallow small dish, and freeze for at least 15 mins.
4. Grab a spoon, and go nuts! – Just remember that molasses is sugar, so enjoy with a little constraint!

* I personally used Nuts for Nature – Nut & Seed Butter that has a blend of cashews, almonds, chia seeds, Brazil nuts, sun flower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and hazelnuts.  I got it at my local Costco.

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